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Diane and I met via my BBS system arounf 1996 at that time networked to various other Commodore BBSs throughout the US, she was living in Louisiana and sent messages through a local board there. We hit it off and we eventually married out here in mostly sunny California.


Diane at Jack Rabbit Junction, NM That fascinating person with more hobbies than Larry. All I can say is she is quite the fiber arts person (spinning, knitting, sewing, quilting, etc).

Her current interests have been cross stitching, quilting, rubber-stamp art, origami, omiagi (a Japanese craft work of small sewn items like pouches, toys and such), and knitting (she has been perfecting knitting socks, and from what I gather the heel is the hardest part to do.

This photo was taken at Jack Rabbit Junction on Interstate 40 (old Route 66) in New Mexico. 'Here it is!' as the billboard proclaims.


Larry Anderson circa 2000 Larry Anderson, a senior member of generation-X. An imaginative product of too much morning and late night TV with an extended childhood. A person who would probably still be drawing spaceships, folding paper (called origami, for those interested) and building model rockets if it weren't for computers.


Sunset at Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove, CA

We live in California, nice place. More on that later.

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