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Other Cool Project Pages

  • Make Magazine - if you are a do-it-yourself'er or interested in such projects you really need to check out Make Magazine. The ultimate Do it yourself magazine of this day. They also produce the “Maker Faire” in several parts of the world, a did-it-myself expo where just about everything you look at (and it is a lot) is more than interesting.
  • Instructables - More did-it-myself projects with instructions on how you can do it to. Photos and simple steps guide the way.

Cool Commodore & 8-bit Project Pages

  • Matthias Wandel's Technical Hacks - the projects on this page remind me of the wisdom gained by trying to make your own stuff, even though some of them are/were commercially available, reinventing your own wheel also gives one insight in how things work.
  • - Many 6502 based software and hardware projects are linked to this site as well as resources for the aspiring 6502 tinkerer.
  • C-One Reconfigurable Computer - the ultimate Commodore inspired project, Jeri Ellsworth is re-designing the C64 concept using custom modern hardware (no PC clone motherboard here) and interfacing, a totally reconfigurable chipset, and video and sound features way beyond the original 64's.
  • Adam Dunkel's Homepage - Adam has been working on teo notable projects for the Commodore 64. One is the Contiki OS which is a scaled down graphical OS that supports TCP/IP and web browsing on a stock 64 and “The Final Ethernet” (TFE) cartridge an ehternet adapter for the Commodore 64 for use with Contiki and other 64 internet projects.
  • Star Commander - Joe Forrester has been working on this PC-1541 file transfer project for many years and is one of the most popular ways to archive & unarchive 64 disks.
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