Computer Bulletin Boards (aka CBBS or just BBS) have been around since 1978. I spent many years calling and later running my own BBS, the menu to the left are some of my pages about them.

  • Bo Zimmerna's Commodore BBS Pages - a very good overview of all the different BBS programs published over the years for the C64.
  • The Commie Kazez BBS CD - Offers a Commodore oriented file collection on CD gathered from the Commie Kazez BBS and the Sysop, very nice (especially for thse looking for NTSC files).
  • The Genuine Commodore BBS List - When calling a BBS and only a Commodore based BBS would do - maintained by SnakeMan.
  • - The home of Image 2000 BBS - Image BBS finally gets a new version!
  • TEXTFILES.COM - Remember all those cool text files on the BBSs you called, the humor, game hints, stories, ansi art, etc. People have been hard at work preserving it at “”
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